Monday, 5 April 2010

Code Name: Public Toilets

We were given a brief of coming up with a design solution for a public toilet. Yes, PUBLIC TOILETS!!!!!!!!!!!! We were asked to research human behavior within a public toilet, how people use the space and facilities within a public toilet. We had to use video research, which I wasn’t most comfortable with, but we managed to get footage.

I took it upon myself to see what it would be like to use a Public toilet blindfolded. It was pretty horrible. I was touching everything and not knowing what you were touching and how dirty the space is can be quite disconcerting. I didn’t get to talk to any blind people, which was unfortunate, so I couldn’t get a view from a blind person on how they use a public toilet.

After doing that video I decided to design a navigation system for blind people to use in public toilets. I decided to design an app for an iphone. AN IPHONE FOR THE BLIND, I hear you cry. Well, I did a bit of research and found out that blind people own iphones and is recommended by the RNIB as suitable phone for the blind, due to the fact it has a speech functions as most Macs do.

The purpose of this application is guide the blind around a public toilet through photo recognition, using a camera on the iphone. The application will help the user to touch less surfaces in the public toilet, also it will locate and guide the user the available facilities. It will give the user warnings of hazards such as water or toilet tissues on the floor. The user will be warned by a bleeping sound so they can avoid the hazard or obstacles.

The features include:

Recognition of facilities in public toilet such as urinal, cubicle, hand dryer and paper towels

Guides you to nearest available facility

Warns the user of hazards and obstacles in public toilet

Tells the user how many people

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