Monday, 18 January 2010

New Brief Alert!!!!!!!!!

We have a new brief, which is about brand factors. This brief consists of analysing a given brand, the brand my partner and I had to analyze is Lidl (oh what joy!). First of all we had to deconstruct the brand from culture (heritage) to projection of customers.

From our brand analysis we came up with a brief of, “How do Lidl keep their new demographic of customers they have acquired through the recession?”. We know that a number of new customers who shop at Lidl may have not of shopped there before the current financial climate.

What is the big idea, I hear you cry?

Well the big idea is to design an online community, where people can share information about Lidl’s products, recipes, recommendations, review products. In store you will given a hand held device that you log onto using a fob with a barcode, it will then show w welcome message from the manager and show you the staff who are working, this will hopefully give Lidl a more friendly atmosphere and make the customer feel special.

After the welcome screen you can access a list of products that you purchased on you last visit and tell you if those products are available, as Lidl don’t always have the same products from week to week. There would also be a map of the store location those products to help the customer a easier shopping experience.

That is an overview of our idea, should be a really good once we design what the screen will look like mean while here are some pics of the prototype…

The Blog Remains The Same


A new year, a new decade and I still can’t keep up to date with my blog. Before I said that I would have some news on my website… I have no news due to work commitments over Christmas.

I managed to take a few exhibitions over the festival period. First of all I went to The Design Museum to see the Dieter Rams exhibition, Less and More – The Design Ethos of Dieter Rams. I was really impressed with whole exhibition, it gave me a really good idea of how product design can be so simple yet effective. Even the graphics for the exhibition was excellent, Bibliotheque’s graphics fitted so well with what was exhibited. One thing I thought I would never say is that the best item there and what I got really excited about was a door handle, the way it fitted the hand was just so impressive.

I was also impressed with a little section at the end that showcased a few designers influenced by Dieter Rams. Joe Doucet designed some really nice stuff for Braun, especially a toaster. Sam Hecht, is another designer I really like, I really like his travel alarm clock called Jetlag.