Tuesday, 3 November 2009

How the Brief was won!!!!!!!!!!

The brief we came up with after our research presentation was…

How to help the NUS empower & involve students?

We decided to re-brand the NUS, as we found out that the younger students have never heard of this organisation due to them having no presence around the university.

There are no posters, no advert on uni intranet, no one really telling us what and who they are.

The NUS I think are seen as a old organisation that doesn’t understand students, even though it is ran by students. Not many student actually know this, students need to be made aware of the services and benefits that the NUS provide.

So we designed a new logo…

We also made a new NUS card…

and also we decide to create an event that happens at freshers week to raise awareness of the NUS and what can do for students.

That was our solution I think that it was quite successful and maybe with a huge amount of work we could make this idea a real possibility.