Thursday, 28 April 2011

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Friday, 28 January 2011

Into (Your) Face

A really nice interface design that I noticed on Berg London Blog:

Chris Harrison’s Abracadabra is a prototype interface for very small devices. What might a rich interface for a device too small for a touchscreen look like? Harrison’s interface is based upon magnets: a tiny magnet on the fingertip, detected by a two-axis magnetometer in the device – providing enough sensitivity to track movements in a horizontal plane, as well as a “clicking” action in the z-axis. Extending the space of physical interaction outside the device makes a lot of sense, and it’ll be interesting to see where this kind of interface goes in the next few years.

Hope you enjoy

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

A nice surprise @ Hard Rock Cafe shop

I saw this nice interaction @ Hard Rock Cafe shop while I was waiting around before a gig.

This screen displays the whole collection of memorabilia. You touch the item you want to find out about and it will bring up a large image and information of what the item is.

Also if you want to find out about a certain band you can search for the band of choice as image below.

Hope you enjoy, I did when I was having a go.

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

I am giving this a stab

Hi, hope this post finds you well.

just been told to use this process to evolve my idea for my current project...


Looks really interesting and a fun way to come up with some creative solutions.

I will post mt results of my serious play with lego.


Check (in) this out

My attention was drawn to this piece of design work...

A new self check in service by Qantas

This a relevant piece for my current project (which I will writing at the end of the month). Just thought I would share this as it is a step forward to the airport becoming a nicer experience.


Tuesday, 30 November 2010

What an Experience

My last project was a group project (with graphic design students) and we had to design an experience for a couple who are 55-60, who are visiting the O2 to watch AC/DC’s final show. Oh and arriving in a limo.

The project started off pretty well, we had a pretty strong group. Then it started to slide slowly, first of all the research stage and not everyone pulled their weight. I think that the graphics students didn’t realise how important it was to understand our user and to design an experience that relevant to our user.

So, we designed a new VIP experience and decided to go down the route of keeping the emotional high through the whole experience and nostalgia, also we would have an interactive experience that would allow the user to have a journey with AC/DC. The user would receive a package with ticket around a month before to get them thinking about the experience. The user’s ticket would use RFID technology to allow the user to record information that would be compiled into a personal journal (personalised booklet) that could be treasured.

The idea included a timeline in the journal that would have key dates of AC/DC along with information from the user. The user would scan their ticket to register who they are and then allow the user to supply information on interactive screens which allows the user to type in the information. Key questions would be asked to gain the information for the user’s timeline, this would allow the user to see their journey with AC/DC.

The experience would also have little interactive activities peppered throughout. In the limo the couple would be able to play AC/DC Rock Band also there would be an option to take photos in the limo that would be presented as photobooth style photos. In the O2 VIP lounge the couple would walk around the interactive exhibition finding out facts, watching videos and looking at rare photos. There would be a Xbox Kincet activity where the user would be able to choose the era and then control Angus Young through a AC/DC song.

Our group began to stall a little on our idea and progress was very slow. With a week left before the deadline we were in a little bit of bother. But everyone pulled it around and we done quite well in our final presentation.

Our man on our branding was Jelani Pomell also he helped create the final journal along with Daniel Place. The initial package that the user receives was designed by Luke Petty, Jelani and Daniel. The ticket was design by Marcel Fortune, he also had a hand in the design of the interactive screen stand with Pete Kuznicki. The interfaces was designed by Tom Holmes. I designed our experience and interactive activities through our experience.

Below are some key areas from our presentation.

There are a few little bits that I not happy with but I suppose that is apart of working in a group… enjoy.

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Solid Work

Here is 3D model I made in SolidWorks for my current project.

more info to follow as the deadline is Thursday and there is still
work to be do.

hope you enjoy